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Moscow VR Tomato

Moscow VR Tomato

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The Moscow VR Tomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum), was developed especially for inter-mountain regions by USU (Utah State University) in 1952. It was named after Moscow, Idaho—not Russia. Their thick skins make them ideal for canning.

The Moscow VR Tomato is best grown in hardiness zones 3-14. The soil must be between 75-90° F in order for the plant to germinate. If sowing outdoors, wait till nighttime temperatures are at or above 60° F until you start. You may be able to get a second harvest the following year.

Indeterminate plants mean that they have a vine growing habit. This means you need a trellis of some kind, but no worries, trellises are easy to come by. Even a functioning or old chain-link fence works great as a trellis.