May's "BEANS & SUNFLOWERS" is currently CLOSED and is in Preparation, SHIPPING OCCURS BETWEEN 5/3-5/24
Please note that due to COVID-19, Tracking numbers may take longer to update, please wait at least 7-10 days before reaching out
June's "EGGPLANT/TOMATILLO & COSMOS" is currently OPEN for orders from 5/2-5/31, shipping around 6/9
May and June orders will NOT arrive before Mother's Day, June orders may not arrive before Father's Day



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New Box option!

Try our Just the Microgreens

A special Just Seeds Premium option featuring only seeds that can be grown as microgreens

Your 1st box comes with a re-usable Microgreen Tray and your special Bloomin' Bin Binder. Subsequent shipments will come with 2 seed types each month, plus replacement cover pages. 

Upgrades can be purchased from our seed site:

How It Works

We put together a bin specifically designed to help you grow certain in-season plants that we have selected.

We offer various techniques that we have tested ourselves, to ensure that you have a great growing experience!

Step 1

Choose "Just Seeds", or a regular Bin with Flowers, Fruits/Vegetables, or Both, and whether you want an extra project

Step 2

Choose your billing frequency - the longer you prepay, the less per bin!

Step 3

Get a package and let it grow!

We ship the first Monday after the 5th of each month!

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