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Hungarian Yellow Wax Sweet Pepper

Hungarian Yellow Wax Sweet Pepper

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6" banana-type peppers with sweet, waxy flesh that makes them excellent pickling, stuffing, and grilling. Hungarian Sweet peppers generally have a Scoville rating of 0-500, depending on the conditions in which they are grown. While they are most often harvested when they are yellow, harvesting them when they have fully matured to a red color will give you the sweetest pepper flavor.

Most pepper plants, including the Hungarian Sweet Yellow Wax pepper plant, are good candidates for growing in containers, raised beds, and gardens with limited space, as they typically only grow a few feet tall and have relatively shallow root systems. The Hungarian Sweet pepper plant will grow to a height of 24-48”, depending on growing conditions.

In most USDA hardiness zones, it is best to start Hungarian Wax Sweet pepper seeds indoors 8 to 10 weeks before your last frost date and to set them out into the garden when nighttime temperatures are reliably above 60 degrees F. Pepper plants do not tolerate frost, so they are grown as an annual plant in most zones. However, they can be grown as a perennial in tropical regions.

Hungarian Yellow Wax Sweet peppers love abundant sunshine and evenly moist soil that is acidic to neutral in pH.