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Ice Plant (Livingstone Daisy)

Many plant species are labeled with the term “Ice Plant”. These seeds are specifically Dorotheanthus. Grown as an annual everywhere but the far south of the US, these daisies are hardy succulents that can make great ground cover and border plants. They do need well draining soil, but are heat, drought, and salt spray resistant plants. Start indoors in your grow tray with cactus soil about 8-10 weeks before the last frost date. A heat mat is not necessary, but they do need light to germinate and should be barely pressed into the surface of the soil. Ice Plant germinates after about 2 weeks. Thin and separate plants as they grow so that you can plant in more areas or in pots. Once all danger of frosts has passed, pick a sunny spot with good drainage and plant them about 6” apart. Ice Plants do well in poor soil as well. Be sure not to over water them, or they will rot.
You will get beautiful flowers all summer, and hopefully enough to self seed the area for next year, though be forewarned that the colors of the flowers will change from year to year.