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Hollyhocks are beautiful flowers and can be started in fall or spring.
Starting your plants in the fall:
-When temperatures are under 60oF, sow your hollyhock seeds directly in the ground
-Sow the seeds in an area with good lighting. Hollyhock is a tall flower, and doesn’t transplant very well, so try to place it along a fence line or in an area where it will not be disturbed for winter. -Ensure the area has good amendments and compost -Soak hollyhock seeds for 12 hours prior to planting -Lightly cover seeds with soil (to prevent them from being eaten by birds) - hollyhock needs light to germinate -Hollyhock will germinate in the spring and, because of the cold, may flower in its first year
Starting your plants in spring:
-If you decide to wait until spring, you can directly sow outdoors or start indoors
-Outdoors, the temperature needs to be around 60-65 degrees for germination
-Indoors, start hollyhock about 9 weeks before the last predicted frost date. Be sure to use individual pots, and peat/biodegradable pots are better, as hollyhock can develop a long taproot
-When starting hollyhock in the spring, it will very likely not flower the first year, unless you force it (we don’t recommend this) -When transplanting outdoors, be sure to play them in a sunny location with fertile soil
Plant maintenance
-Keep the young plants moist. After a few weeks, when their roots are established, the hollyhock plants will need little care -If blooms develop the first growing season, the stalks may need to be staked to prevent them from falling over under the weight of the plant''s full, heavy flowers
-Hollyhock will cross pollinate, so if you save seeds year to year, your flowers will change! To prevent cross pollination you can plant one type of hollyhock at a time
-When saving the seeds, allow the flower to die and the pods to form. You can pluck the pod and allow it to dry out, the
n break open the pod and harvest your seeds