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Another plant that gets grouped into the Mallow family, hibiscus is often considered a tropical plant - it’s a good idea to keep your hibiscus in a pot so that it can be brought inside for the winter. Soak your seeds for about 24 hours in warm water before planting, then keep them on the surface and gently press them into the soil (make sure not to let them dry out). Place your pots in a sunny area and keep them moist, or if continuing the plants indoors, use grow lights and a plastic domed cover until sprouts occur in 5-8 days. Keep your pots indoors until the weather is consistently above 60oF.
Bring your hibiscus indoors through the winter. It may go dormant and defoliate (lose its leaves) unless you keep it under a grow light. Fertilization is best done in the fall when you bring the pots inside.
If you want to propagate your Hibiscus further, seeds will form where the flowers once were and are ready to harvest when the pods dry out and crack open. You can also propagate from cuttings once your original hibiscus is well established. Cuttings should have at least 2-3 nodes (where the leaves protrude from the stem), cut them at an angle just below the bottom node, and dip the cutting in rooting hormone powder before planting in soil.