March's "Carrots/Celery & Cornflower/Strawflower" is currently CLOSED and is STILL in Process, SHIPPING OCCURS BETWEEN 3/8-4/9
Please note that due to COVID-19 and weather delays, Tracking numbers may take longer to update, please wait at least 7-10 days before reaching out
April's "Squash & Aster/Primrose" is currently CLOSED and shipping will occur simultaneous to the remainder of March. Shipping occurs between 4/7 and 4/29
Plant boxes may be delayed based on arrival of plants from our supplier, we appreciate your patience!
May's "Beans & Verbena/Periwinkle" is currently OPEN and accepting orders from 4/5-4/30, shipping will begin around 5/6
Note: these shipments will NOT arrive by Mother's Day, please email to request an intro letter/card PDF

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Products / Gift - 3 months of Just Plants and Seeds

Gift - 3 months of Just Plants and Seeds

$59.50 - $83.50

Product Description

3 months of Just Plants and Seeds of the month packets without renewal! Perfect for gift subscriptions. First month comes with a binder and all seed instructions are laminated. Plants will be sent once in 3 months, remaining months will be seeds only. Choose your seed count and if you want Flowers only, Fruit/Veggies only, or a mix of both! Plant months will come with the standard amount and will be focused only on plants. Add-ons for more plants will be available once plant inventories are determined.

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