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Special Seed Offers

We have the following seed types available this month:

California Wonder Sweet Pepper - open pollinated heirloom variety, 

Tobacco Mosaic Virus Resistant

JalapeƱo Early Hot Pepper - 65 days to harvest

Sweet Banana Pepper - 65 days to harvest

Large Red Cherry Tomato - 75 days, Indeterminate

Roma Tomato - 76 days, Determinate, open pollinated, 

verticillium & fusarium wilt resistant 

All 5 seed types

$5 + $1 shipping

All Pepper seeds

$3 + $1 shipping

Both Tomato seeds

$2 + $1 shipping

3 Seeds (Select on next page)

$3 + $1 shipping

1 Seed (Select on next page)

$1 + $1 shipping