Aprils's "MELON & ZINNIA" is currently CLOSED and is in Preparation, SHIPPING OCCURS BETWEEN 4/5-4/24
Please note that due to COVID-19, Tracking numbers may take longer to update, please wait at least 7-10 days before reaching out
May's "BEANS & SUNFLOWERS" is currently OPEN for orders from 4/1-4/30, shipping around 5/5
May orders will NOT arrive before Mother's Day

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Bloomin' Bin? ​

The cost of a Bloomin' Bin varies based on what level you choose, and how often you want to pay for your subscription. The longer you prepay, the less per month!

Is shipping/tax extra?

Shipping is charged at a flat fee per box. PLEASE NOTE - Shipping cost will not show until you enter the shipping address. Due to recent sales tax law changes, we are collecting sales tax for any Texas or Kansas shipping addresses.

Do you offer discounts?

We do periodically offer discounts. Sign up for our email list for contests, giveaways, and discounts. If you win and already have a subscription, we will extend your subscription the worth of the prize. ​Paid subscribers are also offered an extra 10% at checkout off their next project/shop purchase.

Where do you ship?

​We only ship to the US

Are the seeds based on my location?

Not usually. We have different themes for each month and we ship 12 months a year. That could mean that you receive seeds that are too early to be planted in your area. We strive to give thorough enough instructions so that you are prepared for when it is time to start them!

Are seeds Heirloom, Organic, GMO-Free, etc?

Did you know, it is illegal for individual gardeners and non-commercial farms to purchase GMO seeds? All of our seeds are GMO-free. We will occasionally send Organic, and sometimes we try to include Heirloom, but we also like to offer variety (and not everything has been consistently available by seed for over 100 years).

How do I contact you?

You can reach us via email at info@bloominbin.com, or you can reach out to us via social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and now YouTube. However, email will always get the fastest response.

What can I expect to receive in my Bin? ​

Depending on your Bin of choice, the number of items will vary. We guarantee that you will receive enough items in your Bin to get you started. Most Bins will require a bag of soil. See our Previous page to see what items have been included in past months. Our Premium Bins include an extra project or garden tool.

When will my Bloomin' Bin arrive and when am I billed?

We try to ship on Monday on/after the 5th of each month. **COVID UPDATE** Shipments will occur in batches. We try to ship those that are renewing and traveling by First Class first, but due to lack of manpower, sometimes things go out a bit slower. We aim to ship everything by the 22nd of each month, unless we let you know otherwise. Billing occurs on the 22nd of each month. We are trying our best to push back shipments based on the delivery date, but if the post office is delayed in updating the tracking, THERE IS A CHANCE, you could be billed before your box arrives. We apologize in advance, but we are at their mercy. If you have a pre-paid subscription, you will be billed on the 22nd of the month after your pre-pay ends, and you will be charged for the same pre-pay set as before. Gift subscriptions purchased directly from our Gift page will not renew. All other subscriptions MAY RENEW.

Where is my box?

Please remember that during COVID, the post office is not scanning all packages at all of the usual stops, so even if we sent a package and it is on its way, the tracking info may not properly reflect its location. If it has been 7 days since you received your tracking number and there have been no updates, please let us know and we can begin an investigation. When we submit these, the tracking number is often updated before we hear a response. If the box has been lost, we need to know within 30 days from the date the tracking info was received.

I didn't like something in my box. Can I exchange it?

Because we deal in perishables, we cannot offer exchanges or returns on subscription items or seed/plant purchases. If you absolutely do not want the item, please consider donating the seeds to your local school teaching garden, food bank, or Master Gardener club, where they can be put to good use.

Why am I receiving X plant/seeds when I ordered a Flower only/Fruit&Vegetable only subscription?

Sometimes we feature plants that do not fall into these strict categories, such as Herbs, Succulents, Microgreens, etc. When this occurs, we will try to send something that relates (ie, succulents that are edible, plants that produce beautiful flowers as well).

Something in my box died or didn't grow. What do I do now?

If something died on transit, please send images of the plant to info@bloominbin.com. Sometimes, plants need a few days to bounce back from being packed and tossed around in shipment. If your plant is truly unable to be revived, we will replace if possible or swap for something else. If something did not germinate or did not grow well, please refer to the instructions. We try to include lots of extra seeds so that if something fails, you can start again. If you reach out to us for specific advice, we are happy to help.

Something is missing from my box or was damaged in transit?

Please be aware that sometimes in transit, items can be shifted. Please check under all box flaps to see if anything has slipped underneath.  Damages from the post office can also happen. Once the package leaves us, it is beyond our control. If something is missing or damaged from your package, please email us with photos at info@bloominbin.com

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply log in to your account to cancel your subscription. If you did not create an account at the time of purchase, please email us at info@bloominbin.com and we will process the cancellation for you.


We do not offer ANY refunds on subscription boxes that have already been shipped. If you cancel your subscription after the renewal date, you will receive the box(es) that you paid for. If you have a prepaid subscription, the number of boxes paid for is what will be sent. Prepaid boxes help us to determine how many boxes we will have in a given month, and we often must order well ahead of time. If you would like to request a refund on any prepaid unshipped months, we will evaluate your subscription for what is eligible for a refund.  Please remember that we deal in perishables. ANY REFUND MAY BE ASSESSED A RESTOCKING FEE OF 10%. If your subscription renewed without you realizing, we will offer full refunds for 2 days after the renewal date, however, you must EMAIL us at info@bloominbin.com to request this. Requesting a refund when filling out your cancellation reason does not guarantee one will be issued. After this, any refund request will follow our prepaid refund guidelines. If you do not wish to receive any boxes that we cannot refund, we offer to re-gift to another person, or they can be donated to a local school's teaching garden. If donating, we can refund the shipping fee only. We do NOT accept returns.

What if my Bloomin' Bin is lost or stolen?

We are a small business, so we are not responsible for the Post Office misplacing your package or it being stolen from your porch. That said, we will evaluate replacing the items on a case by case basis. We may be out of certain items. If your package is not properly delivered or is missing, please contact the post office first about locating it. DO NOT FILE A CLAIM. Please email us at info@bloominbin.com to discuss next options. If we are not notified within 2 weeks of delivery, we may not be able to replace/help locate the package. We may also require you to pay for new shipping/signature delivery if it is deemed necessary.


Please email us at info@bloominbin.com for specific details

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